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Formed in 1999, the Eastern Cluster Lutheran Library is most simply defined as "one library under three roofs." The library branches of Krauth Memorial (Philadelphia), Lineberger Memorial (Columbia, SC), and A.R. Wentz (Gettysburg), are its members, sharing a single online catalog, offering each other reciprocal borrowing & lending, cooperating on acquiring print resources, and regularly communicating with each other on issues and concerns in theological education & library needs.

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In order to protect the staff and community, both ULS Library branches are completely closed, until further notice. As the Seminary begins reopening, the Library will prepare for a phased reopening. In order to greater assist the community during this period, the library will be instituting a number of policies and practices.

While some employees will be returning to campus on July 6, the Library will not be opening until heating, ventilation, and air conditioning issues are resolved on a date to be determined.

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